The Twins Are Missing Part 1 and 2
Season 5, Episode 2A & 2B
Vital statistics
Air date Veterans Day 2013
Written by Madison Hahn
Directed by Skylar Rossents
Episode guide
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New Mermaid The Locket
This is the second episode of Season 5. This is a two-part episode because we feel bad for not uploading a video in 8 months, so we decided to do this. 

Part 1 Summary:Edit

Alexa is bored without Paige and Kaylee around because they are on a fishing trip. So she decides to create fun, but unfortunately, it doesn't work. 

Part 2 Summary:Edit

Alexa is still bored without the Houdens around. So she decides to go for a swim to their mermaid meeting scanner and creates memories. While she's there, she sees Paige and Kaylee. 

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