Season 4, Episode 3
Vital statistics
Air date May 29, 2013
Written by Michaela Parker
Directed by Skylar Rossents
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Mermaid Masters Christmas New Mermaid
 Rescued! is the the season finale episode and the third episode of Season 4


One day, Alexa is thinking about Paige and then she realizes it's time to rescue her. A few minutes later, she calls Kaylee to help rescue her. When they get to the jailhouse, they split up to look for Paige. Alexa goes east and Kaylee goes west. Kaylee then finds her two minutes later, desprate to get out. Alexa then finds Kaylee three minutes later and use their powers on the jailkeeper. When the jailkeeper is badly hurt that he cannot even get up, they free Paige. But when they get back to Alexa's house, they have a pool party while their parents aren't home. But something is bound to happen!

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