Mermaid Masters Christmas

(a spin-off two-part movie)

Season 4, Episode 2
Vital statistics
Air date filmed: February 23, 2013
aired: May 30, 2013
Written by Michaela Parker
Directed by Madison Hahn
Episode guide
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Finding Out Rescued!

This is the first full-length episode and the first two-part episode.

Summary (Part 1)Edit

It's Christmas, and Paige and the Santamaria family travel to Perovic, Olimpisa, the capital of Olimpisa, to stay at the Local Perovic Hotel for Christmas Break. But when they get there, the girls discover some wierd things going on. 

Summary (Part 2)Edit

After finding out what the Local Perovic Hotel is like, the girls fight about how they think it is crazy and other stuff. They also wanna go home as well. Alexa's parents finally agree and take them home. When they arrive back at home, Paige goes home and her mother grounds her for sneaking out of the house to go on Alexa's family trip without permission. Back at Alexa's house, Santa Claus leaves presents at their house and they continue celebrating Christmas. 

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