About Mermaid Masters:Edit

Mermaid Masters stars Alexa, a 13-14 year old discovering the world of a mermaid life along with her nonmermaid friend, Paige, a 12-13 year old helping Alexa with her mermaid ability as they discover new things. In season 3 episode 1~The Mix Up, Paige's twin sister, Kaylee comes to Alexa's house, and she didn't know where she was going, and Alexa opens the door to go to the dock, but Kaylee is there and says hi. Alexa says, Hi Paige!. Kaylee tells her that she is not Paige, but she is her twin sister and Kaylee is also a mermaid. Together, Alexa, Paige, & Kaylee will try to uncover the secrets and find the obvious as they explore the world around them. Paige becomes a mermaid in season 5 with a white, plain tail.

How it all Started:Edit

Alexa was just swimming, and she came up to a magical scanner in the ocean. She quickly dunked underwater to go back toward home, but Alexa didn't know she was going the wrong way and thought she was toward home. She was just looking around, admiring the point of her view when suddenly, there was a line appearing, slowly going down and up. After three times of seeing the line, she dunked back underwater, and swam to her house. She woke up the next morning and took a shower. She suddenly saw a brown tail covering her legs, quoting to herself, 

" I'm a mermaid! Well, that's probably good for me."

The next minute, her best friend, Paige, saw her tail. She wanted to become a mermaid just like Alexa, but she quickly told her that it was just too risky. In the second episode, she then discovers that she has powers.

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